How to email server file(BAQ export)?

I just cannot find the answer here. Already know how to schedule the BAQ export. I just need to attach the csv file and send it via email everytime it runs. I don’t really want to create a SSRS or see why I would need to. The raw .csv will suffice. We have ‘advanceprinting’ if that matters. Just not sure if this can be done without custom code in the bpm.

Probably the easiest solution is to move the scheduling outside of Kinetic and call the BAQ in scheduled PowerShell using the BAQsvc, which will create your attachment and then use PowerShell to send it.

Another, less-chosen option, is to upload the file to a document management system like ECM or SharePoint and let that system notify the person of the update. There are several advantages over sending attachments which I’ve listed here a few times like:

  • You KNOW when people open them and when
  • You can limit access when appropriate
  • Always the most recent version
  • Email is point-to-point but others can get to file when recipient is unavailable

Sharepoint idea is interesting. Can you push server files to sharepoint via epicor? Our sharepoint is already connected for attachments.
We are cloud so can’t really do anything outside of Epicor.

No, you can only push to ECM.

The PowerShell would run locally and does work with the cloud. When I was a Public Cloud user, we did this a lot. Once you have the file, you could again use PowerShell to upload it to your SharePoint Document Library though.

Ended up making a BAQ report and it was fairly straight forward from there using reoccurring schedule and send by email.
Not perfect but good enough, the Epicor way!

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