How to get more colors and caption for Shape?

Hello guys, I tried Shape in Kinetic but it only seems to provide 2 options Enable/Disable color and Disable Caption while we get multiple options to set based on conditions in epiShape.
Can anybody provide the reference or solution how to get more options in Kinetic’s Shape?

You have the 4, stock colors available in E10. Anything outside of that done by custom code, you would be out of luck.

And about the captions based on the conditions, can that be also done? If yes then how ? Their seems be only 2 caption available for Enable and Disable/

So, you’d probably have to do this with an event.
You can use the property-set** widget to set the property enabledCaption based on the value of the status property (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4).

**However, there’s a bug right now where the property-set widget doesn’t work with custom controls. I’m told this is fixed in 2021.1.12.

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Property-set works on custom controls as of 2021.2.1.

Some syntax. You can check the status/value however you want to make it do what you need. For demo purposes, I just have it assign a random value/name.


Okay, I will check that, thanks for the help