How to grade the vendors?


I want to create a report to grade the vendors. For that purpose I created a BAQ with the following fields Vendor Name; Receipt Date, Score for Delivery Time, Score for EHS, Score for packing, Score for Quality, Score for After Sales, Calculated Field for the Total. All the score fields are user defined fields in the receipt head table. I am using this BAQ to prepare a SSRS report. I want my report to appear as below

Vendor Name, Avg.Score for Delivery Time, Avg. Score for EHS, Avg. Score for packing, Avg. Score for Quality, Avg. Score for After Sales, Avg. of Calculated Field for the Total.

I am able to get all the above which is appearing on the Group Header. I grouped the above data on the VendorName.
My problem is I have to add one more column for Grading. If the total score is > 120 then its A, if its greater than 80 then its B else its C.
Please let me know how I could give this grade on the GroupHeader. I tried this using the Switch and IIF function but the TOTAL value taken is wrong so I am getting incorrect result.

I would appreciate your support to sort out the issue


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Look into using advanced grouping in the BAQ.
You then can summarize by Supplier, State, Buyer - your ontime delivery excetra. as an innersubquery.
Pull this into your Top where you can do the calculation based on the summarized results.