How To Handle Material Specifications

Hey all,

I was curious how each of your handle updating your suppliers with new material specifications, like changing the type of steel, or changing the type of certs that are required with the parts.

We currently are considering making a part number that explains this and we use it anytime the material specs change, but does epicor have a better way to handle this? Part numbers seem clunky to me

Revisions could be a way to handle it, and now that they have revision tracking in inventory. You can use revisions with purchased parts (even though it doesn’t really do anything other than identify)

New revision vs new part number is kind of a “religious” debate. My opinion is if the new part isn’t backwards compatible to work where the old revision is, then it should be a new part number, and not a new revision. But technically, either could work in this situation.

Hi Blake,
We handle these types of notifications through the comments on a PO Line. Our part number scheme is Material-Condition-Size, something like this, 17-4PH-RD-H900-.5. We would then specify Per ASTM A564 (or whatever spec) and Certs Required in the comments. Hope this helps.

Thank you! Our only issue with this is we could have 150 different part numbers for one “part” ie a pump with a ton of different configurations that use slightly different part numbers. We would need to update all of those part numbers’ comments with the new material specs. That’s why we came up with a part number as a potential fix.

Or would a DMT work for that issue?

Personally I’ve been down this route, my advice would be to keep the part numbers fairly generic.

We have a part structure like

If you then set up the part to be tracked and did some customisation on lot entry, you could record the specifications for the lot upon receipting.

If you have any requirements for specs when ordering from a supplier, just use the po line comments to outline this.