How to know from where form is load


I have open Inventory Transfer or Purchase Order form. In that on Part field, I right click n open With “Part Entry” form. when Part Entry form open may be form load event, I want to know from where this part form was called. I mean its being call from Context Menu (Right Click) or direct this form is open.
I just want to give messagebox like “Its open from Right click” or " Its open directly on double click of Part Entry form"
I hope from you. Thanks

This is defined in the Context Menu Maintenance. You would have to do a customization on the PO form or Inventory Transfer form to capture the double click event.

I am not sure if i understand the question but you can always use the tracing to know where it comes from. if you want to add a code to say where that manu comes from you can set it on after method call because there is where the call happened