How to maintain inventory of various lengths of rods of the same material?


What is the suggested method for inventorying rods of the same material but different lengths as a single part? Suppose the UOMClassID = Linear and the IUM is 1 ft. Furthermore suppose inventory contains a 10’ rod and a 5’ rod. The desire (when computing inventory valuation) is to say the total rod quantity in inventory is 15’. However for order entry, we must be able to determine that an order for an 11’ rod cannot be satisfied.

Can Kinetic manage these kinds of parts; what about in a Multi-Tenant environment? Would the Advanced Package Control or PCID module help?

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Advanced UOM module

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Definately Advanced UOM

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Can either of you confirm @SueLowden and @aosemwengie1 whether AUOM can be implemented on parts that already have a history of being used?

Yes it can - that is why there is a Dual UOM class. So you can transition to AUOM. That said, its a lot simpler to start fresh.

Okay cause when @Ernie and I were at Insights a couple years ago and it first came out, the presenters were saying you’d have to be a new install or migrating to a new environment for the first time for it to work…

When I went to the AUOM class at Insights (not this year, last year), I was confused because the steps including setting up the Dual UOM, but its purpose wasn’t made clear (at least to me lol). And there wasn’t even a definition for Dual UOM in the help at all. So I reached out for clarification on why you would need to set up Dual UOM at all. This was the response I received:

"You could do it without [setting up dual uom] it if the part is new. The purpose was to show it. I presented AUOM in Nashville this year and did not include ‘Dual’ there, because I had time constraints. However, many customers have parts that are transacted and are not able to have AUOM because there are 1000s of parts already in WIP. Some form of WIP. You rarely or if at all use AUOM on new parts only. You need to run those conversions somehow and ‘Dual’ enables it. Outside of AUOM, how many times do you have a scenario where you need to do something with UOM Class on transacted parts? I’ve asked PMs, since they are in touch with customers, and was told rarely. "

I would suggest that you consider lot tracking those rods. It would allow you to create a “lot” number for each ‘length’ and have an inventory qty for each, plus a total inv qty for the part#. You could query (Part tracker/advisor?) during the sales order cycle to see if there is availability, but I’m not sure you could accurately determine if any pre-existing demand would be for the same length your are trying to satisfy - unless you tell the system to allocate demand somehow.

We did something similar for the lumber industry years ago where a part# had many bundles of inventory but each bundle was of a specific length. Worked pretty well.

Just an idea.

Thanks Alisa!