How to memorize the parameters on each refresh on dashboard

Hello everyone, Please I need your help if anyone can help me.
I want to memorize the parameters previously set after each refresh on dashboard.
In the BAQ, after clic on GetList, the parameters don’t dissapear, but in the dahboard after each refresh, i must to put back the parameters. Have you any idea ?. I try to put some code in the baq.GetList to put the parameter in the callcontext in order to get them in the dashboard, but il the dashboard, the window of the parameter opens before the Baq.GetList.PreProcessing.
Thank You.

Make sure that the tracker properties has Input Prompts Only checked. Then they should stick.

Thank you for your answer. In my case, the Inputs Prompts is not enabled, do you know why ?

Please ignore ma question, i found what is wrong. I give it a try. Thank you

I’m not entirely sure what causes that to be disabled or enabled, I’ve run into it before. We almost always customize the tracker view, and I’ve learned to always check that box first, then do the customize.

I think you can achieve the same results by setting each field (if you customize the tracker view) by setting the property for DashboardPrompt to True for all the fields. (something else we always do)

Hello Sabrina, I believe I have the same problem could you share your solution please?

Thank you.

in fact, I did not find the solution to keep the parameters, but in the end I needed to retrieve the parameters to push them into the parameters of a process Epicor Function which is called via a button on the dashboard