How to nest configurators

I currently have a configured part A (parent), I want the entered info to configure part B (child) also set up as a configurable part. I have Part B as a Mtl in Part As BOM but I don’t think I’ve set it up correctly. Can I even do this in Epicor 9.5?

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Pretty sure you cannot do it as a required material but rather set it up as a sub-assembly. When each assembly has an associated configurator, they will all run accordingly (based on the MOM and keep-when rules and stuff) and the Epicor client will present each “child” configurator when configuring the parent assembly.

At least that how I understand it, but I have never tried it. The Configurator Technical Reference from EpicWeb should have all of this in there.

Our configurator configures “Boxes” ie Lines 1-?? These are individually configured. We then use a different configurator for the last line. The last configurator or “Set” combines the information from the first line(s) and then creates
the “set”. This way our customers can order by the individual box or the set, which includes all boxes. Little different, but the concept can be adapted I would think. I have posted code in this group as to how to get the information from other configurator
sessions for E10, but I’ll have to look thru old notes to see if I can find the E9 code. If I remember it was much easier in E9.

Brenda J. Mohr

That Box example is close to what I need.

Lets say we make necklaces and each necklace can be customized (hence the config) and each custom necklace needs a box that fits its dimensions.

I currently have all the possible mtls for a box in a Box Operation in the Necklace Config BOM. I would like to have a Box part specific to its dimensions (eg Box-12) in the Box Op without manually making the hundreds of possibilities of individual parts beforehand. I have a Box Config for special occasions where customers throw out their Box but realize they need it. I want the Box config be used inside the Necklace Config, so it’s all in one BOM. I’m even cool (actually would prefer it) if a separate job is called for the Box after the Necklace Job is made.