How to nonconform a subcontract op that hasn't been recieved?

Hey all. My QA person wants to nonconform a subcontract operation. The material is still at the subcontractors and hasn’t been received back into our warehouse. How can a non conformance be created in this scenario? We don’t want to use “other” as it wont move the material costs. We don’t want to use the material type because this isn’t a supplier issue. We can’t use PO because it hasn’t been received yet. Any consideration would be appreciated. Thanks.

There is a Nonconformance SubContract:

Can you use that?

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Hi thanks for responding. We tried this and we get a qty of zero error. Even if I adjust the qty manually on the operation, the error doesn’t go away. I am assuming its because it is out to the supplier and the PO it was written to hasn’t been received.