How to prepare Supplier Statement of Accounts?

Thanks Mr. Rupert for the reply but my problem is that I dont know from which all tables I could get the data. I am trying to use or APInvHed, GLPerBal and GLOpnBal but I am not able to make a link between the tables. I don't know whether I am using the right tables or not.

I want to have in the report Posting date; Posting Ref Number; Supplier Invoice Number; Supplier Invoice Date; Debit; Credit; Balance (Which is a cumulative total of the Dr. side or Cr. Side)

Hope that you would be able to give me some help.


Sreejith J

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 The best way
to get your data is to first isolate the field and table names within
customisation function. once you have these go back to your BAQ and
see if you can successfully link. If not get as much of the BAQ
information as possible and add ODBC links to your report data within
Crystal (RH side only)

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Good Morning

We noticed that Statement of Accounts for the supplier is not available in Vantage 8.03.408B. I request you to kindly guide me how to create this report in Vantage 8.

I tried to prepare the report using BAQ but I was not able to find out which all tables I should include in order to prepare the report.

Thanks for an help at the earliest possible.


Sreejith J

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