How to prevent email of blank report

I have a scheduled a report to run daily and it sends an email of that report via breaking/routing. However even if the report is blank and has no records it still sends the email with the blank report attached. How can I prevent it from sending a blank report?

Not knowing much about your report data definition, you could use the IF block to check for a condition of more than one record in the core table relationship. If yes, then route and email.

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It is a BAQ reports with a few options fields. I am not doing a beak in the routing because if i do it will send one email for each record and I don’t want that. The condition block requires a break.

@cbastijanic, Can you share your routing rule and workflow to check the possibility to remove blank reports?

There is no break.

I check to see if I have a valid Email address before sending the email. If no report is sent.

What are you breaking on

In this report I break on the ShipHead.PackNum.