How to report that a sales order pick list has been printed

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I have a requirement from the business to report when the Sales Order Picklist for an order has been printed.

Firstly, unlike the Job Traveler I don’t believe there is a record anywhere in the database to indicate that the SO Picklist has been printed, is there?

Assuming I am correct about the above, I would welcome some ideas on this.

I did a trace log and it identified the BO as Erp.Proxy.Rpt.SOPickListReportImpl and the method as SubmitToAgent but I couldn’t find this method listed in method directives?
I could do a customization on the form to write something to a UD column?
Any ideas welcomed on this one.

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We have UD fields on OrderHed, one for how many times the pick list has been printed, and one for when the order was last marked ready for picking (we use ReadyToCalc to flag that it’s OK to be picked).

We have two main approaches for populating those kinds of fields: for these ones, we have reasonable control over how the pick lists are printed so we can update based on those triggers (we have custom buttons). It is possible for users to print pick lists other ways and not have the fields update, but for us it doesn’t happen enough or matter enough to worry about.

We have a similar requirement to track order acknowledgements, though, and management demand that that’s watertight, so for that we use a data directive on SysRptLst. It’s as well to be very careful when doing that, though, because obviously it will fire every time any report gets processed, so you need to make sure it’s efficient, especially in the first condition.

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There is a field on orderrel table which I believe records when it is last printed. DatePickTicketPrinted

I got excited for a moment with the suggestion of the DatePickTicketPrinted column only to find that it is null for every record :frowning:

I had a look at the SysRptLst table / data directive option, but I can’t see where the parameters may be stored, how do I get a list of sales orders that were printed?

You won’t get a list directly. What you can do is trigger your own record creation such as UD field on the OrderHed when a pick list report appears in that table with RptDescription “SO Pick List”. You can get the OrderNum(s) from the matching entry in SysTaskParam with ParamName “OrderList”.

Hi Steve,

Your request made me think of what a nice idea it is to have noted that SO pick list printed. I think you should make an enhancement request for this one, I’d vote for it! Our DatePickTicketPrinted column is also blank across the board.

I noticed this exchange below with someone else trying to do something similar, thought it might help you. You’ll have to suffer through some developer humor (:crazy_face:) but that might make the read worthwhile in and of itself even if the solution is not preferred :slight_smile:


Thanks Nancy, having read through that thread it does appear to be a solution. I will give it a bash and report back

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Um thats strange, what version are you on?


Thanks @Nancy That was just what I needed. Along with a dash of developer humor :smiley:

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