How to return QtyCompleted for a job after deleting Nonconformance without performing a DMR operation?

When creating a Nonconformance for a Job’s Subcontract Operation, the system will automatically subtract QtyCompleted from the Subcontract Operation. After that, I have not processed the Nonconformance(NonConf) but deleted it right at the Nonconformance screen. The system will automatically delete the Nonconformance and PartTran. TranType is: SUB-INS and TranDocTypeID is: NCF of this Nonconformance and automatically creates Erp.PartWIP with TrackType of R but has not returned the QtyCompleted number to JobOper

select * from erp.PartWip where PartNum='HH0000001480' and JobNum='CT09GC158789' order by TrackType

How can i get back JobOper’s QtyCompleted in this case?

This is normal Inspection Processing if NonConf and PartTran are not deleted


CS0003902682 - Return Job CompleteQty After Deleting Nonconformance
Looking at the nature of the case, I can see that this is related to an existing known issue PRB0269958.
The reported scenario has been accepted by our Development team and will be addressed under ERPS-231429 in a future version.

For the time being, we recommend you utilize the following workaround, until the ERPS is addressed in a future release.

“Accepting the quantity back from DMR will correctly assign the operation sequence of the part wip that is being returned, the issue happens directly from nonconformance.”

According to our development team, this issue with nonconformance for a subcontract has been always there.
If the workaround does not resolve or is causing you issues on your business processes, then please update the case with full details and we will review further.

We will proceed to set this case to Suggested Resolution. Please follow Problem number PRB0269958 for further updates on the EpicCare portal under the “My Problems” section.
Here is the datafix for a similar case for testing: (333.6 KB) (334.4 KB) (335.3 KB)

The temporary solution is that once I have created the Nonconformance, I will make BPM block it from deleting the Nonconformance (NonConf).

Thank you very much! Have a good day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: