How to schedule and plan when not using the MRP module

Our company doesn’t manufacture to stock, only to Jobs. So we have been told by our technical advisors that the MRP module will not work for us. However, I cannot find information on how to complete this function without MRP. Do any of you have work instructions or other information on how to do this?
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MRP will work for Make to Order, not sure why they said it would not.


the purpose of mrp is to match supply to demand in a timely manner. Strict MTO shops have the problem of not knowing WHAT FG items they need to make until the customer orders them. Customer tend to want what they want when they want it (asap). So the issue becomes demand on purchased components and managing lead times and production schedule. Old school thinking (70s/80s) would indicate, strict MTO plants can use a combination of planning BOMs / Forecast models in order to generate enough demand address the needs for lead time on components which go into those MTO jobs. Production schedule can address the shop.

MRP becomes very critical when supply lead times become very long. if your company refuses to address the lead time issue, unless you have some lock on the market, your customers will look to a source who can.

in short, John is correct. mrp WILL work in MTO


@oakhan51 Other options are Order Job Wizard and Job Manager if you need a job made between MRP runs.

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