How to Schedule ECC Costumer/Consumer Synchronization Orders/Quotes/RMA's

Hey everyone,
I am trying to schedule the Orders/Quotes/RMA’s tab on ECC Customer/Consumer Synchronization. I created a Process Set, made a new schedule in Task Agent, saved the Orders/Quotes/RMA’s as a process set, and schedules the process set. The problem I am having is that the Master Files on ECC Customer/Consumer Synchronization is what is getting scheduled rather than the Orders/Quotes/RMA’s. Any ideas on how to schedule the correct process?

This is what I want to schedule

This is what keeps getting scheduled

I know for kinetic different variants were introduced but can in classic it should behave fine. If you submit it rather than schedule it does it run the correct job?

Yes. When submitted the correct Process runs.

I am on Kinetic 21, but still using the classic view.

Its a workaround, but if you have the newer variants I would check those. I never schedule my systems so haven’t hit that issue, but know the initial kinetic versions at least needed a separate app rather than a single app with 4 panels.

Ended up not using a process set. Worked with Epicor support and we ended up scheduling the process as a reoccurring process without a process set.