How to select the record in the dataView Grid and sent to another grid in the kinetic application

For example, in the picture below, I have already created the BAQ dataView grid and want to select the row in the first DataGrid (no. 1 in the picture) and then click the Button in No.2,
and I need the program to get the selected row in the first grid and insert it into the second DataGrid (No.3).
Could you guys suggest how to do that?

Use the row-add widget.

	"NewViewCol1": "{SelectedView.ColName1}",
	"NewViewCol2": "{SelectedView.ColName2}",
	"NewViewCol3": "{SelectedView.ColName3}",
	"NewViewCol4": "{SelectedView.ColName4}",
	"NewViewCol5": "{SelectedView.ColName5}"

Or, if you’re looking to add multiple selections at once, you’ll need to work with the dataview-condition widget to iterate through.

  1. Set your grid model to be “Selectable”

  1. Add a new column to be the selector

  1. Create a no trigger add-row event

  1. Call that event on your dataview-condition where YourView.Selected is true



Thank you very much hmwillett. :grin:

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This is so intuitive, no wonder it’s the future.

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