How To Ship

Ok, here is a seemingly simple newb question, What is the proper way to ship a package from Epicor? Let’s focus on Misc Charge Shipments. When I first started, here was the process:

We would create a pack, enter order number, and click on Mass Shipment and Ship All. If we need to change quantities we do so at this time. Then we go to the Actions menu, Select Close, and then we select Misc Charge from the drop down under File in the top right side of the screen. From a drop down under Charge ID, we select Freight, hit tab, and enter the amount. Then we hit save, print (F6), print (F6). If this is a credit card, it automatically sends the charge to the card.

Now, they want to change it to this:

Same as above but not to select Actions–> close. Instead to select Misc Charge next and enter all that info. Then save and finally select the Shipped check box on the Summary Tab. Then they go back in and print the packing slip.

Besides the obvious inefficiency of not getting the Packing Slip to print automatically, will this cause any issues? We have had issues with when we entered the Misc Charge in the first method I stated, it would sometimes disappear causing all kinds of accounting issues. So, this was thought of and seems to work, but I’m wondering about unforeseen issues.