How to split out a sub-assembly

I would recommend moving the subassembly parts to stock. This will carry
the costs of those parts to date with it. They costs will be removed form
the job and calculated for you to re-bill. Then, have the SO pull the parts
from stock instead of the job.

HTH, Sarah
We created a job with several sub-assemblies. A sub-contractor
scrapped out one of the sub-assemblies. The boss wants us to bill
the sub-contractor for the scrapped out parts. I want the costs of
these scrapped parts pulled out of the origional job (they will be
linked to the sales order billing back the sub-contractor)

What I have done so far:

1) Set the sub-contractor as a Customer
2) Create a sales order for the now scrap sub-assembly (for billing)

(now, this is where it gets tricky)

3) I want to break the sub-assembly out of the origional job, and
link it to this new sales order.

I can't delete the assembly (transactions are posted to it)
I can't unlink *just* this assembly, just the entire job
I can't split the job at the assembly level, just at the top most level

Comments? Suggestions?

(Naturally, after this is cleaned up, I will go back and add another
sub-assembly level to the origional job, in order to re-make some
new parts.)

We're on version 4.00.901

Thanks in advance

Malcolm Spann
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