How to take adapter data and put in drop down

How do I take data gathered from an Adapter GetByID method and stick it into a drop down in E10, in VB, if you only have C# i'll take that also.

Here is what I have so far.

Dim found As Boolean = custShipAdapter.GetByID(dsPack.Tables("ShipHeadList").Rows(0)("PackNum").ToString)

                If found Then
                    ucbShipLine.ValueMember = "PackLine"
                    ucbShipLine.DataSource = custShipAdapter.CustShipData.ShipDtl
                    ucbShipLine.DisplayMember = "PackLine"
                    Dim fields As String() = New String() { "PackLine", "PartNum", "LineDesc" }

And Found does equal true and it does find Data, just doesn't populate anything. I know this worked in V8, but nothing in E10. any ideas would be appreciated !