How to Track Value Changes on Non Custom TextBox

I’m looking to have some functions trigger in a customization when a user enters a value into one of epicor’s non custom textboxes. Specifically it is a txtPart textbox bound to PartRev.PartNum.

Have you tried an AfterFieldChange event using the sheet event wizard?

Yes. It’s on the new revision form, so when the part is entered the field doesn’t change because it is just looking for it. I believe that’s why it doesn’t work at least.

Which module/form exactly?

The New Revision form on Engineering Workbench.

Gotcha, I was in part maintenance for whatever reason. I see the dilemma now.

Only other thing I can think of would be to try to hide the textbox / create your own with the same binding then you could do an event on the textbox. But you would have to customize that form that launches, and I’m not sure what the best way would be to call your new customization when the form gets launched. Maybe process calling maintenance could work.