How to update Part Master if Part REV already exists

I’m using DMT to add/update part master records and getting below message on all parts that already have a part REV record - I’m not trying to update the UOMClassID - but just a price or product group:

Can not modify uomCLassID. PartRev records already exist for this UOMClass.

Anyone no why this would error out or how will this allow me to say update pricing if partREV records exist? I think the UOMClassID field is a required field so it is in the source file.

What UOMs and UOM class exist on the part?

DMT will give you odd error messages that may make more sense if you go to
the part and try your change manually.


Hi. We have found that it is best to get the data correct before you try to use DMT. If you write a BAQ that selects only parts with a part revision, for instance, and use this output in your Excel or csv file, this will make the DMT run more smoothly. We update pricing quite often, and the only columns we actually need are Company, PartNum and UnitPrice.

The only UOM errors we have seen are when the DMT attempts to update a part that has an existing UOM mismatch. (These happened during the data conversion from Vantage to E10).

Just include Company, PartNum, and the fields you are trying to update.

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Thanks - DMT had the UOMClass field checked as if it were a required field.