How to use App Studio to hide one (of two) radio buttons?

I am trying to hide the Profit radio button/label in Quote Entry > Worksheet.
In Kinetic, I’m trying to replicate the customization (I thought it would be easy), but I’m only seeing where I can delete the Profit button/label, or I can hide the entire groupbox, but I can’t see where to only hide the Profit button. Can someone point me in the right direction, please?


What would be the point of a radio group with only one choice?

Ha, good point. Apparently, we never use the ‘Profit’ option, only the ‘Markup.’ Profit has been hit accidentally, adding a much higher percentage, so they’d like that to no longer be an option. I was able to just remove the Profit button, but I wanted to just hide it.

Is it possible to hide the entire group and programmatically select Markup, like maybe in an “on page load” function? I’m not very familiar with Kinetic customization.

I thought about that, or just setting the ‘Markup’ default to selected.

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Can you do a simple BPM to update it to Markup every time the line updates?

… and use extended properties to make it read only.