How we can attach the file to the right record

Hello dears, i need to attach the file to the right record, but when i select a record a select them all but when i hit the process button a certain files will attach to the records by there names, please can someone help me
here is my attachment code:

AttachmentHandler.DropNewAttachment(UD02Form, "C:\Users\" & otrans.session.userid & "\Desktop\Exported Files\" & filename & ".txt", edvUD02.dataview.table.rows(edvud02.row))

Can you give a little more detail?
I’m finding it hard to understand what the problem is from your original description.

In the meantime, have you already seen these topics?

Dear Mr or Ms bordway, sorry for the late reply, i made my own logic (code), thank for the reply, and yes i took some code from jose post, thank you very much have a nice day,

Regards, Ahmad Itani