How would you guys redo your labeling / reporting process?

Hey guys, I’m putting this in off-topic because it’s not directly associated with Epicor 10, but I’d like to use it.

Right now we have a TON of manual processes. I mean, everything is manual. Form scheduling, to labels… It’s crazy. Anyways, for labeling, our operators write down and basically “generate” their own lot information per container of parts. These are stored on a trailer with a ton of other paperwork.

At the end of their shift, the operators fill out their production quantities, and that paper eventually goes to a clerical that keys the data into a software using a Microsoft Access interface, and SQL backend.
This data is typically reported on days later.

The problem, though, is none of those part numbers are updated, or match the part numbers in Epicor due to them being out of date. I want to replace that software and also start labeling our parts, using the part information in Epicor.

How would you guys do it?
I’ve got some bartender license that I want to use to trial, but I was considering writing a UWP/WPF application that would allow the operator to begin their shift and report production quantity periodically as they need labels. Then at some point either PowerShell/SSIS to potentially process those into Epicor or some other databases to calculate OEE, Scrap, etc.

Another bit of a twist; our BOMs that are set up use the correct parts, but are all in a generic operation.

Just took a look, and we have roughly ~1200 or so manufactured parts that are active in Epicor (These include the WIP part numbers of course.)