How would you handle this Order Job issue

For every qty of 25, we need to build 1 extra to test and destroy.

So if the order is for 75, I need to make a job for 78.

Order is for 115, I need a job for 120.

What I am testing is Lot Sizing Multiples: 26 and Max Lot Size of 26. But that will give me 5 jobs of 26 in the last example. I would prefer 1 job.

ANy feedback would help

This has been a long time since I have done this, but have you looked into First Articles? Instead of looking into inventory setups (LOT size and multiples)….look at setting up first articles.

You basically add more material to create “extra” pieces” that you either use up to destroy or can move on to real production.

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Look under the operation on a job…there is a First Article quantity field….

M. Manasa Reddy
P: 703.471.7145 x454

You could add a to stock demand link for destructive testing separate from your demand link for orders.

I would add on job entry update if the job is released.

Also, an operation on a method has a field for scrap by quantity or percent. I think this is what you may be thinking. So if you have a lot multiple of 25, no max lot (or large such as 200) and a scrap percentage of 4%, you should have what you’re looking for. For example, a quantity of 67 would produce a job with an initial production quantity of 78, driving materials for 78: 75 for completion and 3 for scrap on the operation in question.

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Thanks for the ideas. Will continue to test these out.

@MiguelS what did you end up doing?

We have six operations.

I added a scrap factor to the operation of 4% to KIT, WP, CRIMPING, HARN (these are my ops with Material associated with)

for every 100, I want 4% more, which is 4 more assembles.
So for every 25, I want one more built

If you want do a destructive test on 1 of every 10, then it is 10% Scrap Factor