I cannot approve a configurator revision

Hi all,
I am having a problem trying to approve a configurator revision. I am getting the error message ‘Lock request time out period exceeded’. I can approve it in our Test environment with no problem in ‘Live’ it won’t work. I’m in a bit of a dilemma because I unapproved the revision to make some minor changes and now I can’t get it working again.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Do any users have the configurator in use?

Any orphaned sessions, that might be locking it?

And are you talking about the revision of the configurator, or the part the configurator is for? I find it best to close out the Part window while using engineering workbench and/or configurator design programs.

Hi Calvin,
Thanks for the reply. Is there a way I can check for any orphaned sessions?
On this particular configurator I have to approve both the config revision and the part revision even though I have the synchronize revision tickbox checked. The part revision tickbox is greyed out (I assume because the config is unapproved). When I tick the approved box it almost immediately goes into ‘not responding’ and I have to restart my session, sometimes if I’m lucky the config is approved on restarting.

Use EAC (Epicor Admin Console) on the app server