IDC: Specific Version of a DFD

Does anyone have any documentation, or sharable procedures, for creating a Specific Version of a Document Form Definition (DFD) in IDC? Or does anyone know where such documentation is hidden on ancora’s online ancoraDocs Enterprise Documentation site?

I am currently on IDC version 9.11.7270. I have access to ancora’s online ancoraDocs Enterprise Documentation. But I cannot directly create tickets with ancora support.

I just tried to create a Specific Version without any documentation or training, and I keep getting a “No Changes Made” error when I attempt to save.

Apparently, my issue was caused, because I didn’t use an Assignable field as the basis for the Specific Version DFD.

That makes sense to me. But it’s shocking that none of this is documented for an IDC user.

I can’t attempt to utilize this Specific Version DFD for my initial use case, because I would need to use a condition with an Assignable field with a ‘CONTAINS’ operator, not an ‘EQUALS’ (or ‘IS’) operator.

@JerseyEric I had thought that specific version would solve an issue for me and found this video on it from an ancora cousin.


Thanks @gpayne !

I had actually glanced at the BluePrism online documentation today before posting my question here. The documentation does not address Specific Version DFDs, probably because the content comes from ancora. But I didn’t check BluePrism’s videos – thank you!

Even though the video extremely short (less than 3 min), I was able to:

  1. Confirm that the DFD field used for the Specific Version condition needs to be an Assignable field.

  2. Learn that Table fields (essentially line-level fields) CANNOT be modified in a Specific Version DFD! It’s from the last sentence in the video. Darn!!!