Identifying Jobs with Deleted Releases

Hi Everyone!
Just a quick question for you all.
Is there a table that holds deleted releases? I would like to run a search for open orders with one or more recently deleted releases. Where can I search for this?
Thanks for your time!

A BAQ of JobProd, linked to OrderRel (LEFT Outer Join).

  • With relationships on OrderNum, OrderLine, Order Release.
  • With JobProd table criteria of OrderNum is not null <> 0
  • With the SubQuery Criteria of OrderRel.OrdeNum Is Null


FWIW - I didn’t think a release that is linked to a job could be deleted.

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This is a good start. What am I getting for results here? Are they releases where the release is still listed in the JobProd, but not in the OrderRel? Can I tell when it was deleted?

It would show Jobs linked to an Order Release, where the Release no longer exists.

No guaranteed way to tell when the release was deleted. If you have Change Log enabled on OrderDtl, you might see something there (like the OrdeDtl Qty changing).

And are you sure you can delete a release when a link exists?

You are right, and this highlights the thing I am trying to get at. You can only delete a release if it is not linked to a job. I am actually trying to find those releases that were deleted that were not linked to a job.