May be a little off topic, but her eis what I am trying to do.

=IIf([Fields!JobMtl_WarehouseCode.Value]=“RM-DIGI”, “DIGI”, IIf([Fields!JobMtl_WarehouseCode.Value]=“RM-FLEXO”, “FLEXO”, IIf([Fields!JobMtl_WarehouseCode.Value]=“RM-SCRN”, “SCRN”, Fields!JobMtl_WarehouseCode.Value])))

And I get this error:

Bracketed Identifier is missing.

Where am I missing it at?

Missing a “[” on the last Fields!JobMtl_WarehouseCode.Value

Not sure that the “[” and “]” are necessary. Try deleting all of them.

Your right! Totally missed that. You can delete them, just put a parenthesis around the field at the beginning and the end, and make sure to get plenty of parenthesis at the end of the entire sentence. Thanks!