Image Category & Image Maintenance

Anyone can tell us what Image Category and Image Maintenance in Epicor are used for? Thank you for your help.

We use Image Categories to group our images and provide a search filter. As an example, all employee photographs used for data collection and placed in a category called Employees. We place our retail part images in a category called Products and use sub-categories to help further sort those images.

Thank you very much, Jeff.

And if you have access to EpiCare
there is (used to be) a knowledgebase that gave some examples with the title of “In Epicor 10.1+ how can I get a photo of my employees to appear when they log into MES?” 18248MPS

TBD if that Answerbook is still available, or maybe newer alternatives…

It’s used for product images too or in custom scenarios if you like. Good stuff there with Image Category. This is a UD07 screen I used the image functionality in. Works pretty nice.

Thank you Bruce. Yes, I have access to EpicCare and will go there to find more.

Thank you Joshua. Good info.