Importing customization from E9?


I am going to be moving our customizations from E9 to E10, and I’m hoping I can
import them, rather than rebuilding them. I just attempted to import one to
Customer Part Cross Reference, and I get this error. What does this mean?

Sorry if this is a silly question.

Are you doing it form customization maintenance? Try from there if I recall there is a little routine that will try to convert it. But most of the error’s you’;ll have to deal with yourself

I did the exporting and importing from there, yes.
Then I went to the Customer Part Cross Reference form in dev mode
and tried to open the customization and this what I get.

Right you’ll hve to go into the custom code and correct those errors.

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Ah, I just found that. Looking at it now. Just not entirely sure what to do. Will play with it and do some googling.

Are you upgrading? If so the upgrade should take care of 80-90% of these issues, anything else if you don’t know you may want to consider calling epicor CSG or a consultant.
There isn’t going to be a ton of “googling” to fix these issues, they are VERY epicor specific. Though do search the forum.