Importing Menu Items and Maintaining All Companies Value

We are upgrading to Kinetic 2022.2.16 at the end of the month. I have all of my custom reports and dashboards export into .cab files to import with the Solution Workbench. I’ve added all of these to the menu in my Kinetic Test database, so I created a .cab file with all of my added menu items.

The issue I’m having is some items are marked ‘All Companies’ and others are not. If I check ‘Only Target Current Company’ when installing the solution, the ‘All Companies’ checkbox gets cleared. If I do not check the current company checkbox when installing, then everything gets marked as ‘All Companies’.

Is there a way to have the Solution Workbench honor the All Companies checkbox? If not, can I create a query to export the current settings for my custom items from Test and then use DMT in live to make these changes?

Thanks in advance.

I just tested this in 2022.2.21 and you are correct, it seems the import only looks at whether or not ‘Only Target current Company’ is checked to determine if ‘All Companies’ should be checked or not.

You could potentially have a separate solution file that only contains your ‘All Company’ menu items, but yes you can just do this through DMT as well. Ice.Menu table will have all of the menu items and the Arguments column should have the necessary information about which dashboard or BAQ report it uses.

I just used DMT and accomplished what I wanted, but DMT had to be logged into the correct company for it to work properly. Thanks for the confirmation.