Importing/Processing OTS for EDI

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We are going live on Monday, and need some desperate help!
Has anyone gotten the OTS to work in an EDI import? I am on E10.2.100.26. We receive alot of orders with new ship tos (really are OTS but that another item i will attack once we can process orders)
We use to be in vantage and had SC workflows to create the Ship Tos before the Demand was imported into Vantage.

I been reading about the OTS and how i need to mark the Use_OTS to true in Demand Head and Schedule levels. As well as make sure that the Address fields match in Header and Schedule levels.
Which i have done.

In the header level i have set the OTS_SaveCustID to be the name of the ship to (creating it on the field) and set OTS_SaveAs as T 9So it saves as Ship To)

i have tried alot of variations but cannot get past the point where when i try to process the demand, throws the error that the Ship to id is already created and cannot be duplicated ( A Ship To for this Ship To Customer already exists with the same Ship To ID.). That ship to name doesn’t exist in the customer profile. This is as close as i have gotten!

I have set the OTS_SaveCustID and set OTS_SaveAs the same as the header in the schedule level. Is there any other field i am missing. I also set the Ship_Code to be Blank when the PO needs to use OTS.

ANY HELP is GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks Jose

Any EDI users?

I know that the OTS flag and details was possible to import with EDI back in E9 days.

They are all separate fields that need to be mapped.

Does your customer flag the order as ship direct so you know it is a OTS address?


Is this a Service Connect workflow, still?

We don’t use EDI, but we do bring orders in from a website system using Service Connect, and because of needing the two to sync we can’t use OTS and have to ensure the ShipTo is saved first. Just in general, though, I found it most helpful to work through what needs to be done in an Updateable BAQ first because you can play with it more and see the results faster, If you then use UpdateExt in your system, what you find works in the BAQ will work there.

Thanks Brad. Customer is setup to use OTS. All the fields are mapped correctly. The information comes through without errors to demand entry. When i i try to process it, throws the error about invalid ship to. Is your shiptoname in the OTS_SaveCustID or in another field?

Thanks Daryl, we use to use service connect with Vantage 8.03.409C but no need to use in in as we were told to use EDI import from the app file. In Vantage, we had a workflow to look for the shipto information and if it wasnt in the system to create a new one. So that use to work. I didnt create the workflow and service connect is not my strong suite.

Sorry I can’t help more - just checking since there don’t seem to be a lot of takers!

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@Neverunmacron (Jose) did you ever resolve this? Are you hosting EDI in-house or with a 3rd party? Are you converting the 850 to the app file? Was the UseOTS flag set to true and then the fields populated on the order? I know this is what I have to do in DMT to use one-time shipto so I would suspect the same is true in EDI.

Hi John! We got this fixed and actually found out it was a bug from Epicor. On the customer setup we had to remove the Save OTS field and enter none in there. Once we did that we could enter the OTS working. For some reason Epicor couldnt save the OTS Ship To when on the customer setup the SaveOTS was set to One time or Ship to and had to be None.

We currently use Tie Kinetix and is in house.

Thank you Jose. We are moving to Saas shortly and on my plate for next year is to revisit EDI and maybe move away from SPS who we use. With Tie Kinetix, do you have someone who handles EDI or is it something just about anyone can pick up and do thats in IT?

Awesome. We are on prem and also looking to move to Saas!

When we first started EDI we had SPS and uploading the CSV files before making the decision to bring it in house. I think it can be done within the IT department. I use to handle it before hiring someone and that person i hired didnt know anything about EDI and he now handles all of it (he had some programming skills). If you or your team feel like they know Epicor i think the transition will be easy and gives you more flexibility. I am more than happy to assist.

Jose - over the next 6 weeks we should complete the move to SaaS so I would be happy to share my experience with you. Thank you for the follow up on the In-house EDI. I think it makes sense but has a nice price tag for moving to it. For use we had SPS create the APP files for us and we load orders that way. For Invoice and ASN we drop the tables just like Tie supports it and had them map from those files. See pretty painless.

I just helped a client move from Epicor’s managed services EDI solution to on premise EDI. TIE is no longer going to support eVision so the move is to their SmartBridge software. If you need any assistance, I’m happy to help.


I will keep you in mind but we are not looking to bring it on-site at the moment. We use SPS Commerce since we moved from an older ERP to Epicor. We might look at 1edisource (purchased by Epicor). When I mentioned Dropping tables like Tie, we are using the format that Epicor uses to drop table formats to a flat-file. SPS then maps this file to their XML format and creates the documents from their both on incoming and outgoing. We do not handle the mapping in house.

SMartbridge is the new platform from tie?

Hi John,

Yes, SmartBridge is the new EDI solution from TIE. Well, it’s new to America but it’s been used in the Netherlands for several years now.

Thanks for keeping me in mind! Please stay safe with your family.