Improve the functionality around Commissions

I think this speaks for itself but the commission functionality is very limited. I see a lot of people paying for custom development around commissions and also using bolt-on products to fill this gap. It would be nice to have an end to end configurable module to handle this.

here here!
One thought though, commissions are one of those things which are very niche / business specific. I’ve implemented a bunch of those customs you mention and none of them are remotely similar :frowning:

However it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with something that would cover something like 70-90% of the market.

We have some commission but it is for outside sales. So it is to a person at the customer but not our employee. That is all custom and manual.

Yes! Our reporting guy does the commissions outside Epicor, and spends about 10 hours a week on it! Granted, we like to over complicate things - Web orders, different business units, splitting commissions, etc… And then change it again!

Epicor should be able to get a focus group together to improve functionality that does 80% of what anyone needs…

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In my 20+ years working with Epicor product (19 as an Employee) I have only run into 3-5 companies that could use the commissions “out of the box”… including my former employer.
That said, the BALANCE of customers had commissions programs that were so varying, I cannot imaging creating a data driven system to handle each one.

  1. variable commissions based on:
  • product
  • customer
  • volume
  1. Commission split rules based on:
  • customer
  • part
  • volume
  1. commission payout rules including
  • Splitting of payout (partial payment up front, balance due on payment received.
  • Payment of commission when SOLD (even before shipment)
  • Commission credit changes based on total volume for the year based on a point system
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OH>> I personally think that commissions needs some improvements:

  1. Commissions Accrual - hey lets face it, this is a Payable… but there is no place in the system to specify that you own this commission without making a journal entry. It may not be due until customer payment, but it is still a future liability.
  2. Open access to Commissions Logic - basically what I am asking for is for the commission accrual/calculation at invoicing be opened up so that each customer CAN add their own custom logic. The current “workaround” is to ignore the system’s built in commission system, and to rewrite everything using UDTables.

@timshuwy - Open Access to commissions logic - do you think an extension of the posting engine would suffice? Something along the lines of order/invoice/customer/salesrep dataset on the inbound side, if-then logic editor in the middle, logic engine to process it, and a posted payable on the outbound side? Sounds like it would fit the bill for all the options asked for?

We have the same issue with split commissions and complicated rules based on product, customer type, etc. and my current SQL query is a PITA to rework every time sales dept changes their mind.

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Geography/customer/product line/order/invoice/salesrep(s)/payments

It’s insane.