Improving RDP Print Speed

Hey Everybody,

We have just moved into a new facility and have a temporary DSL circuit up. Very slow clocking in @ <1MBPS. RDP performance overall is abysmal but print speed is a show stopper. Jobs are taking 3-7 minutes backing up delivery trucks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Have you tried to change the system monitor settings for those print station that are referenced in this thread? They may be missing the initial window, so the time before the client checks again is being used.


We run via RDP too. And printing (even with a great connection) is abysmal.

I’ve been told it comes from the Client server (the one running the Epicor client program) querying the RDP client (the users computer), to see what printers are available.

The first (and currently used solution) is to just print preview everything, then print from the PDF viewer. But know that this is probably bad for printing tightly formatted things like labels.

It might help for direct printing, to trim down the number of avaialable printers on the RDP client. That way there’ll be less back and forth between the RDP client and the App Client, while they negotiate available printers.

I would check to see how much traffic you have on your new DSL connection.
If that connection is swamped that would be the first place to start.
You could also consider having a print server setup at your remote location and point the RDP sessions to those printers.
RDP is known to be difficult when configuring to print directly to printers connected to a thin client but I believe there are things you can do to improve that situation.


How is the performance at the “central location” ?
I assume that you have the RDP Server at that location and you are running the RDP sessions across the DSL link.
I don’t use my Terminal Server as a print server, that is know to cause some problems, look at the performance logs on the Terminal Server to determine if it is working properly.

Yes, we have a solid connection at another location and printing is slow but usable.

Clever, I hadn’t even thought of doing this. I wound up finding a third party solution which took print jobs from 4-6 minutes to 30-45 seconds. I’m going to run with that for a while.

Appreciate everybody’s assistance!


Pray, may I ask what the said third party solution was?