Inactive GL Reference displaying in Search

When entering a PO my users needs to select a GL Account, which includes a Reference (Dynamic Segment) on the PO Release tab. Within the Search result for References - the list of references includes all Active and Inactive References. How can we only display Active References?

Do you want this across the board, or just for PO Entry.

If its okay to be across the board, then use a Method Direct BPM on

Just update the whereClause parameter to filter out inactive values


probably want to include a condition block with

(for whichever segment number yours is)

let me know if you need the whole BPM

Thanks Calvin - got it working!!
BPM will work fine as it can be applied across the board.
I put in your suggested a condition at the start.
I then passed the WhereClause parameter into a variable - in the same variable used a replace function to add the addition filter.
replace(WhereClause, “SegmentNbr=2”,"SegmentNbr=2 and ActiveFlag = 1).
Then passed the variable back to the WhereClause.

Note: That might prevent you from searching for the segment values in the Segment Value Maintenance. So make sure you disable the BPM before doing Seg Maintenance. Or add to the conditions to see which user is running it. Adminsitrators/IT folks don’t usually have to search for GL accounts, so no need to filter for them.