Inactive vs close project BAQ

I want to know how to do BAQ to distinguish between inactive vs inactive and closed.

any thought?

If those are fields that show in the UI (like on an entry or tracker form), you can use Field Help, to show technical details about the source data. Like what table and field drives it. If you can’t find the exact field. You can et least determin which tables are used.

Then use Data Dictionary to look at the tables fields. Make a BAQ to do some experimenting to ensure those fields do what you think.

Hi Calvin,
It does not have field help on “closed”

These are your Bit fields in Project. A quick BAQ should tell you which one(s) make it closed.

And if you can’t find it as a boolean (bit) field, sometimes a character field to hold a status code.

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Hi Mark,
But this ActiveProject indicates whether project is inactive.
I’m trying to say is how can I have a baq to distinguish these two?

Right. Create a BAQ that shows all fields (or just the bit fields) and set a selection for the ProjectID equal to one or the other and look at what’s different between the two.

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We don’t use the Proj Module, so I’m making some guesses here … Those indicators are on the “Details” sheet. So they probably are from a table like ProjectDtls(?), and not the Project table (which I assume is akin to a “Header” table like OrderHdr).


Well I was wrong about there being a Details table…

But another way to try and find fields with the Data Dictionary is to select the table then view the fields on the list tab. Then right click and select “Copy to Excel” The once that opens in excel, you can search for text like “Closed”.

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You solve my issue. PBClose is the field

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PBCloseImg is the EpiBinding for that display. So I’d say it’s safe to say that Project.PBClose is the field you want. Especially since that’s the only field with the word ‘Closed’ in the description

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