Include annotations on APR retrieval from ECM

I have a report routing set up to retrieve attachments from ECM. The only issue is that the annotations from ECM aren’t included. It seems like it’s getting the native document. Is there a way to force annotations to be included?

Not that I know of. I’d need to dig deep into the API to see if it’s possible, but for now, that needs to be an Epicor Idea so it gets considered for the future. If it is possible in the API, you might have to do the call yourself rather than in APR.

We don’t use annotations but we do use ‘stamps’ so I wonder if it brings them… :person_shrugging:

I tried it out with the stamp and that doesn’t come through either. I would submit it to Epicor Ideas (new to me), but it says my EpicCare e-mail address isn’t associated.

For now I will use the versioning functionality to modify the native files.

I entered it for us.

Allow documents with Stamps or Annotations to | Epicor Kinetic Ideas (

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