Including labor in Component Pricing?

I’m running into the same problem as Bobby in this ancient thread. Maybe Bobby and I both have the same wrong expectation about how this is supposed to work.

I have a configurable part where the inputs can influence material quantities and labor hours (ProdStd). When I run Get Details on a quote, a configurator rule sets the ProdStd on the operation as expected. I also see the expected labor rate in Quote Entry under Line > Manufacturing > Details > Quote Details > Operations > Scheduling Resources > Details. But Component Pricing still only includes materials, not labor. Can I make it include labor?

It looks like Component Pricing is not the right tool for what I’m trying to do. The fact that Component Pricing can operate on configured MoMs and drills all the way down to raw material prices suggests that it was meant for manufacturing. The docs also led me to think it was meant for manufacturing. But not including labor suggests it’s really only meant for kitting with part replacement BoMs. I wonder what happens if the kit parts have prices but their materials don’t. Does it still drill down to raw materials and come up with zero? I haven’t tested because that’s not my use case.

The labor quantity set by the configurator rules is reflected correctly on the Worksheet tab. So now I’m looking at using the Worksheet to calculate unit prices for configured products.