Incorrect AP Accounts in Epicor 9

We are having a problem in Epicor 9.05.604 where when we enter an invoice in AP Invoice Entry and then print an edit list, the edit list shows the invoice going to a random GL account instead of the one that was entered during Invoice Entry or to our AP Clearing account if it was for a receiving transaction. We have tried posting some of these and they post to the GL account showing up on the edit list.

This problem occurs randomly as well. Some days everything that is entered is correct and some days most of them are incorrect. Epicor Support does not have an answer for me on this problem and I am wondering if anyone else is having the same issue and if so, have you found a solution? Epicor Support suggested that maybe we are re-using Group IDs, so we have started using completely unique IDs. Then they suggested that I delete any Posting Rules that were not active, which I did, but neither of these suggestions solved the problem.