Index Rebuild

At 12:11 PM 3/15/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>How do I do an index rebuild?
>Should I call epicor support?

Nah... just shut down the DB and run this at the server:

C:\Epic50\Progress\Bin\proutil C:\Epic50\Vantage\Db\Vantage -C idxbuild
all -TB 24 -TM 32

(Straight from an Epicor how-to, BTW) A couple performance tips: Proutil
will allocate as much memory as specified by the -B in, but
apparently doesn't benefit from it. In fact it runs slower, since it takes
time to allocate and deallocate the memory as part of the run. You can
specify a smaller amount of memory on the command line, like -B 1000 after
the other parameters. Also, it will create temp files in the directory
that you are sitting in when you run it. To split up the disk I/O, cd to a
directory on a different disk from where the data extents are.

With about two years of data accumulated (IIRC) your DB is probably under
300MB? It should run the rebuild in under 15 minutes, probably under 10 even.

-Wayne Cox
Twenty Three -- Information Technology Consulting