Indirect Labor notes not printing on Labor Edit rep ort

Hello, all:

I've discovered a "known bug" in Vantage 3.0 (and also 4.0, I understand).
If an employee is clocked in as indirect, when that employee clocks out and
enters "labor notes," the notes don't print on the labor edit report. So
when our lead machinist spends two hours on some indirect project (teaching
someone something, repairing a machine, fixing some kind of problem), it
doesn't show on the next day's labor edit, even though the guy is putting in
a note of explanation. This makes our production manager WILD! He wants to
know what his people are doing.

It is a seemingly small thing, but I'm sure many of you have encountered
this problem, shrugged and moved on. If we let these little things lie
around, soon the entire Vantage package will be full of "little" things that
annoy the holy livin' daylights out of people-even if you can global finite
schedule 250 jobs a day.

So please, add your names to the list of folks who want this little problem
fixed. Thanks.


From Vantage Tech Support:
Refer to # 606982MPS if you have any additional questions on this issue.

This issue is in Development, but there is no set date as to when it will be
fixed. As with any software change, priority depends on severity,
complexity, and demand. Refer to document # 215.1251 if you would like to
rally support for this, or to check on the status at a future date.
Craig Kumpula
Vantage Support
Epicor Software Corporation
Phone: (800) 269-3044
Fax: (952) 582-5568