Information Worker - Selective Contact Sync to SmartPhone

When we first started using Information Worker to sync emails to Epicor CRM, we learned the hard way that you don’t want to sync all ‘contacts’ to Outlook. The reason: while smartphones can handle the thousands of contacts that result, there are too many for a ‘smartcar’ to handle. i.e. a car’s address book (which syncs with the phone) can only handle a fraction of the contacts in the phone. So the workaround was to only sync ‘customers’ to Outlook. Under that scenario, when a user sends an email, it checks to see if the recipients company is in Epicor, and if so will then log the email under that contact in Epicor.

Our previous CRM (ACT) allowed users to specify which contacts to sync to Outlook … and therefore to their smartphone. Is it possible to do the same with Info Worker? Otherwise, the user will have to manually enter a contact into their phone after entering them in Epicor.