Initialize Last Cycle Count Date - Skipping a Month

When I run ‘Initialize Last Cycle Count Date’, it seems to be skipping the most recent month when assigning dates to parts. Am I missing something here, like some part of the initial setup or configuration of cycle counts in general?

We have these ABC codes set up:

ABC Code Count Frequency
A 30
B 90
C 365

I ran the ‘initialize’ process yesterday, 2/21/2023, so was expecting the A part dates to span the most recent 30 days, the B parts the past 90 days, and the C parts spread over the past year .

This almost works, but the most recent date it initialized was 1/21/2023 (a month earlier than expected 2/21/2023), with everything back-dated from then. Specifically, the dates ranges it gave me, compared to what I expected are:

ABC Code Earliest Initilized Date Latest Initialized Date Expected Start Expected End
A 12/23/2022 1/21/2023 1/22/2023 2/21/2023
B 10/25/2022 1/20/2023 11/22/2022 2/21/2023
C 2/21/2022 1/18/2023 2/22/2022 2/21/2023

Does anyone have any idea why it’s back-dating these dates by a month from the date I ran it? It doesn’t matter much for A parts, since we count all of those every month, but the B and C date ranges being off is throwing off part counts.

It’s worst for B parts, where the first month is calling for 2/3 of the parts to be counted instead of the expected 1/3. And for C parts, it looks like it did go all the way back to a year ago, but stopped a month short of today, so the last count in the 12-month cycle will be short C parts.

We already have a data fix to wipe out these dates and reinitialize, but I don’t know what to do differently the next time to get different results.

I’ve always had the same experience.

If you count A parts monthly (I think you do, and we do too), then it looks like they will all come due on the first cycle count day.

But, I mean, if your cycle period is for the next 30 days (Feb 21-Mar 22 or thereabouts), then the algorithm for Perform Part Selection (in… Cycle Count Schedule Maintenance?) will properly distribute the parts through that 30-day period. I think. Maybe.

But… I can’t say the same for the B parts. There I think you’d get hosed. Maybe not.

IRL, it’s just a mess till you get it all settled.