Insight eCommerce

Insight eCommerce

Anyone here using Insight eCommerce?

Trying to help someone who is having timeout issues when Insight is trying to connect and pull data via the Web Services. Has anyone run into this sort of thing?

This is the specific error:

Message Expired ---> WSE066: Timestamp is expired. This indicates a stale message but may also be caused by lack of synchronization between sender and receiver clocks. Make sure the clocks are synchronized or use the timeToleranceInSeconds element in the microsoft.web.services3 configuration section to adjust tolerance for lack of clock synchronization. 

The servers aren’t really out of sync, they are within 1 second of each other, so I don’t think that is actually the issue.

I am not actually doing the Insight eCommerce installation or configuration, just trying to help and see if anyone had seen something like this before.


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