Insights 2020

Hi guys - When is Insights 2020 in Nashville, TN? My google-fu has failed me. Thanks!

May 3rd - 6th

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My liver just flinched… well actually it did something like this when it saw the words Insights


Joshua - Thanks. That’s Sun-Wed, should it be 5/4-5/7? I’m hoping to find inexpensive Opryland rates between now and next year so we can stay on-site…

Just got a confirmation from Alexis @ Epicor that the days changed to Sunday-Wednesday (5/3-5/6) instead of Monday-Thursday as in the past. FYI for those planning on going…


I assume education classes will be Saturday and Sunday, then, instead of Sunday/Monday?

I would assume so. Last time I did ext ed it was Sat/Sun a few years ago.

So I assume that user presentations will still be on Thursday? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just didn’t believe me huh lol

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Hah! I didn’t believe Epicor either, don’t feel bad. :wink:

From May 3rd to May 6th