Insights (Sunday) - Barkley Marathon Jog?

I’m a big fan of Barkley Marathons (Barkley Marathons - Wikipedia). If you’re in to running but you don’t know what this is, are you even a runner :laughing:

The 2022 event happened recently and once again the course won… only 18 finishers in the 35 odd years that it’s taken place.

As I’m coming over from the UK and the iconic start point for the event is a mere 2.5 hours drive away, I’m really keen to go see the yellow gate and perhaps do a bit of a run on the Sunday.

Anybody else fancy it?

I go there quite often. I’ve even camped there. Never been there during the Barkley. If you do go, find a ranger, they have all kinds of behind the scenes stories from the years.

If you do hike any distance beyond the gate, you will quickly see why there are so few finishers. The terrain is punishing.

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