Insite Manifest

In working with a client on an upgrade to 10.1.600 we are currently having trouble finding any documented path for upgrading Insite Manifest from V3 to the latest V4. The installation guide is relatively vague in this area. We are attempting to Install on the NEW Test environment and want to pull the existing Insite database over and upgrade.

Any information is appreciated. The client is reaching out to support, but I am sure folks here have already gone through this and may have the answer.

Thank You!

Edited to show Official Response from support
If you are going to directly update your Live 3.0 to 4.0 - there is no executable that does this. The process is basically an uninstall of 3.0 and then a install of 4.0 on that server (taking a db backup of manifest 3.0 to be used in your 4.0 environment).

This is not something we recommend doing - but if it needs to get done - I would suggest you engage with our professional services group to minimize the down time you will have in the shipping area.

Resolved Sort Of - Not Possible to upgrade Manifest DB without Pro Svcs. Creating the setup again from scratch…

Hi Ed,

Glad to hear you got things working (sort of!) Did you find that there was a Manifest 4.0 Help system? I did an install & noticed that it’s still pointing to the 3.3 version of online help.

Here’s the 3.3 help site that it’s using now:

Wondering if there’s actually an updated 4.0 site that we could/should be using instead?