Inspection Attribute - number 0

We have mandatory inspection attributes where 0 is an allowable value, however, when we enter 0 an error is generated stating that it is a mandatory field.

Is this default behaviour for Epicor (having 0 instead of null meaning no value for a numeric field)?

We have a large number of checks where a numeric value of 0 can be a pass or a fail that are mandatory for the inspection. Making them optional means that they can be skipped which is not what we require.

Any help would be appreciated.

Just a thought. Is it possible to use a character type rather than number for the attributes? Probably not ideal, but could be a work around?

Thanks for the reply. Possibly, would need some code to check that the entered value was numeric before converting the char to num and then doing the range comparison.

One solution could be to use a negative value say -1 to mean a zero, unless -1 is a possible value, in that case it will not work.

We have changed them to character fields, added a int.TryParse to check for value input and convert character to integer, then proceed with the checks using the out int_Value.

Not very elegant but luckily although we have large number of integer fields, not too many have values that include 0.

Thanks for the suggestions.