Inspection Pending Report

Does anyone know the logic of the inspection Pending report under Production Management > Quality Assurance?
i wanted to see if i could query for the report contents using BAQ but not sure which table to look at? We have RMA-INS, PUR-INS, STK-INS, MTL-INS transactions.

There are a few system BAQ’s which have this. zPartInspect, zPartInspectNonConf, zPartInspectRMA.

Essentially you look at the tables and InspectionPending = True.

NonConf (Non-Conformance) table, there is an InspectionPending column that is true or false.


Thank you both for pointing me in the correct direction. i am able to get what i want from the tables you mentioned above.

The “NonConf (Non-Conformance)” table only gives me the “Inventory” portion of the inspection report.
If I combine the data from zPartInspect, zPartInspectNonConf, zPartInspectRMA with InspectionPending = True, then i get to match the report totals which is what i was after.

Thank you both for your quick help.